The Club was founded in 1921 on land owned by the Rawson Family, who were one of the largest land owners in the Sowerby area. By 1927 the bowling green had been laid and there is a photograph in the pavilion showing the building, which is much the same today, with members congregated by the green and bowls upon it.

The first tennis courts were laid in 1947, exactly where the present ones are now, and were black shale. There was also a tarmac court, on the site of the present car park, and a grass court by St Peter's Avenue. Unfortunately they fell into disrepair so had to be abandoned.

In 2002 the Club had the opportunity of buying the site from the Rawson family. With the help of gifts and loans from members, and the Club's bankers, the completion of the purchase took place in the Spring of 2002. This gave the Club the security it needed to begin much needed improvemets to its facilities. The shale path around the green was replaced with flags and the railway sleepers with concrete edgings. The perimeter of the tennis courts were provided with substantial, maintainance free fencing being the major projects undertaken.

In 2008/9 the Club were in a position to carry out major investment with the provision of 2 new, all weather tennis courts, a watering system to the bowling green and an extension to the pavillion which provided much needed cloakrooms, changing facilities (including showers), a disabled toilet and an office. As a result of this work the main room to the pavillion could be extented creating a bar area. More recently the kitchen has been totally refitted with brand new ovens. In addition the loans to members and the bank were repaid resulting in the club becoming debt free.

The Club now boasts one of the finest facilities in the area with the green, tennis courts and gardens all being maintained by members. They are much admired by visiters to the club

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